Prime Lab
A gateway …
to an ecosystem of web3 experiences built on NEAR. Launching dozens of modular apps to iterate toward consumer mass adoption of the blockchain. 
Prime Lab Vision
An ecosystem of experiences

PrimeLab is making Web3 possible. Drive consumer mass adoption on the Near Blockchain. By empowering  “people and business” allowing anyone to start anything on Web3. Allowing anyone to build a NEAR powered application in minutes instead of months. And providing consumers with an ecosystem of valuable experiences worth sharing marketplace.

Meet theTeam
We are a global team of 135 web3 contributors led by
Wendell A.
Product & Marketing
Will H.
Kanya C.
Ross G.
Meet the dApps
We’re building an ecosystem of experiences for everyday consumers.
And open sourcing everything, so anyone can build a dApp in minutes rather than months.
NFT Maker App

Mint an NFT in less than
60 seconds & 8 clicks


Decentralized, encrypted file storage on NEAR. Manage files from all your dApps in 1 place. 

Homepage – Chrome Wallet

Coming soon! A web3 Gateway to Hidden experiences. The center of the Prime Lab ecosystem for discovering new dApps.

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    Track NFT Maker on DappRadar where it’s the third most engaged crypto app over the last 7 days

    Or on the NEAR Explorer where It accounts for 4 of the top 10 contracts in the last 14 days, including #1 with 5.7 million transactions and 782,000 NFTs

    PrimeLab is funded by the NEAR Foundation as a product led growth experiment to iterate toward consumer mass adoption on the NEAR blockchain.