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PrimeLab Philosophy

Replacing SaaS with cost effective DeFi Dapps

See how the first ecosytem with over 1 million TPS enables Web3 SaaS

Validator Calculator


Validator Type


0% 0% 100%


FAK Usage

200,000 0 1,000,000

Passmark Score What is Passmark?

4,200 1 100,000

Low Medium High

Passmark Score (Operations/Second)What is Passmark?

10,000 1 30,000

Low Medium High

Passmark Score (Read/Write) What is Passmark?

65,000 1 5,000

HDD Hybrid SSD

Storage Amount

50,000 100 GB 100,000 GB

Imagine a Web3 Coin:

Auto scaling a decentralized cloud ☁️, rewarding validators in real yield for consumer usage 💻, validators that are more than whales 🐋 … they are _🏪_🏭_🏢_ 24/7 workhorses with cash flow.

You Might be a Foundation Meme

" ...you might be a Foundation"

Web3 Node Lite

Easily connect to the Web3 network with over 1 million transactions per second


Frame 56101

Invest in the

Group 56108

Explore the first Usage+Utility Validators & Consensus.

Quantitative Validators →

Earn Real Yield for supplying hardware required for users to run primeLab apps.

Qualitative Validators →

Earn by drive usage in the ecosystem through the marketing channels you know best.

Validators Yield Calculator→

Calculate your coin earning potential as a network validator.

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