Data Unification Across Entities

Encrypted data delivery & unification for cross-organizational insights

Data Unification Across Entities

Encrypted data delivery & unification for cross-organizational insights

Encrypted Connectors

Seamless, Secure data unification across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid infrastructures. Offering data-driven enterprises significant communication efficiencies while ensuring data encryption throughout the entire process.

Secure Data Streams

Extract immediate insights and combine data from multiple sources for real time informed decisions powering AI model inferences, High Frequency Trading (HFT) and time constrained challenges to respond even faster than the competition.


Transforming data & programs into base binary to run in any virtual environment ensures seamless integration and adaptability. Data transformations enable efficient pre-processing, data quality enhancement, and faster insights extraction. This fosters collaboration among data professionals, improves data security and compliance, and empowers businesses to make informed decisions, innovate, and stay competitive.

Data Unification

Improve decision-making capabilities and business logic faster by securely feeding all your global business data into a single model in real time. Break down data silos internally and with partners to reduce redundancy, increase inter-team collaboration and leverage existing data to to respond in an agile & innovative way that propels growth.




Accelerate 4.3 second operations to .258 seconds with our novel TCP/UDP alternative



Reduce megabyte server calls to bytes with proprietary encoding



Data unification with a significant level of cost reduction. For example, reducing a $90,000 AWS bill to $200


Embedded Security

Stop data leakage and breaches while maintaining confidentiality by locking data communication to only the desired targets

Embedded Compute

Increases network throughput & resilience by storing authenticated program results and permissions on end devices

Embedded Revenue

Automatically pays PrimeLab a % of the compute cost at the time any computation is performed through embedded revenue in the network fabric

Try the Network

Experience the fastest communication on the planet with secure network requests that arrive internationally in milliseconds while hitting 80% fewer computers along the way