Enter the system at any phase and Replace 50+ years of TCP/IP, OSI model tech debt , significantly saving time and money while reducing knowledge requirements.

One-Click Standard Infrastructure Deployments

Reduce corporate integration time and expenses with one-click database hosting solutions on a more efficient, secure network that integrates with your existing cloud hosts and self-hosted data through SSH. Create hybrid solutions that combine your existing infrastructure with more efficient data hosting queried with the same commands sent from the programs you already employ.

No Code Application Builder

Build custom applications in minutes rather than months from hundreds of secure modular components that lower development costs, and increased accessibility, empowering a diverse group of employees to contribute to the development process. Our components improve agility, enhance collaboration, and simplify scalability, while also reducing risks and maintenance burdens. By fostering innovation and future-proofing applications, our no-code builder enables organizations to stay competitive and adapt to evolving, more-efficient technology.

General CI/CD Deployment

Convert programs from any programming language into proprietary binary to run on the network through our generalized CI/CD interface. Improved code quality by automating build, testing, and deployment processes. Continue focusing on your core product while benefiting from efficient infrastructure and automatic translation & resource management.

Condensed API Short Codes

Integrate PrimeLab infrastructure directly with your legacy stack through identical API calls. Or use short codes to combine multiple API calls into a single message, further reducing network traffic and increasing throughput.

Upgraded OSI Model & 3 New Layers




Accelerate 4.3 second operations to .258 seconds with our novel TCP/UDP alternative



Reduce megabyte server calls to bytes with proprietary encoding



Data unification with a significant level of cost reduction. For example, reducing a $90,000 AWS bill to $200


Embedded Security

Stop data leakage and breaches while maintaining confidentiality by locking data communication to only the desired targets

Embedded Compute

Increases network throughput & resilience by storing authenticated program results and permissions on end devices

Embedded Revenue

Automatically pays PrimeLab a % of the compute cost at the time any computation is performed through usage based infrastructure

Try the Network

Experience the fastest communication on the planet with network requests that arrive internationally in milliseconds while hitting 80% fewer computers along the way

API Documentation

Learn more about our corporate integration & how to host your infrastructure on Real Time Compute.