Solutions for Licensing IP & Data to AI

PrimeLab technology ensures you maintain ownership and control of your data as it’s safely licensed to new AI business opportunities. In the film Industry, your intellectual property (IP) is a valuable asset. Don’t leave AI piracy to chance, protect your data with technology rather than litigation.

License your IP to AI Training:

We recognize that data licensing transactions are unique and require careful negotiation. As the data owner, you choose the terms applied to each data set, and you can update your terms at any time. New AI businesses are granted your most recent terms and existing customers have access at your previous terms until their usage periods expire. 
Start earning from Generative AI and control whenever IP is used to create new works. You can even audit when your IP or Data was used and revoke permission at any time. Further allowing automation of royalties and achieving consent from all parties. Agreements are not enough to stop piracy and IP Theft, use data shaping encryption to ensure your IP can not be pirated or used without direct consent. 

Data Usability:

Your data can only be accessed by parties you grant explicit consent, enforced through built-in data security policies & practices. For example, if you only want a Generative Writer AI to train on your data, the data will remain encrypted unless your conditions are explicitly satisfied. 

Data Ownership

Our technology guarantees your data licensing agreements reflect your rights. We acknowledge your data rights, tailor licensed data set definitions accordingly, and uphold rigorous data security policies. You receive payment and attribution whenever your data is loaded by an AI business, and you can revoke your data at any time. 

How to get started

Getting started is as simple as installing our application or connecting PrimeLab to Adobe or your existing software workflow. Start the sign up process here:

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