Embedded DeFi

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Embedded Finance is a growing trend where non-banking applications provide financial services through sleek user experiences powered by banking APIs.

Embedded DeFi is a similar trend where DeFi applications expose APIs for non-DeFi apps to embed their services. PrimeLab is building open APIs to take full advantage of this capability. Creating a sleek user experience where customers and developers alike can take advantage of an ecosystem of DeFi products from a central dashboard.

Example DeFi services offered to PrimeLab users

Asset management

Every PrimeLab user has a Hash wallet that contains a native wallet for every ecosystem we support. Tokens are never bridged or wrapped, when a user receives tokens they are a native token supported across multiple dapps, accessible from that ecosystem’s native wallet.

Purchasing dApps with a Credit Card

PrimeLab’s open-source, ecosystem-wide, payments API allows dapp purchases to be regarded as the purchase of a product rather than a financial asset. The Open-Source API is embedded in PrimeLab’s main app store “HomePage” and can be adopted by any dapp or web2 product. Read more about the Payments API

Current path to purchase an DApp

PrimeLabs Fix<>Token onramp API

Payment Tracking Reports

Most companies pay for a reporting tool and spend hundreds of hours ensuring their expense reports are correct. PrimeLab automates the process because every on-chain action is auditable. A business can instantly audit how much they’ve made, where they have locked their funds to earn yield and what’s been sold.

Earn Yield on Token Holdings

PrimeLab users want to earn real yield on their tokens, like they would in a savings account. Embedded DeFi powered by APIs that hook into an ecosystem of DeFi projects allow users to stake their tokens in validators, liquidity pools, etc … earning yield on tokens as they’re held.

Account to Account Payments (A2A)

PrimeLab’s token transfer methodology requires users to send and confirm receipt of funds making it impossible to accidentally burn tokens to an account that doesn’t exist. Goods paid for in token eliminate the need for transferring assets through traditional banks.

Offline Payments

Offline Account 2 Account transfers can be made between individuals or businesses. The transaction settles when either user reconnects to the network. This empowers economies to transact with digital currencies in rural areas. And at events with spotty internet shared by thousands. Organizers can network their POS devices and reconcile purchases to PrimeLab after the show.
Each of these financial capabilities and more are made easily accessible with Modular components powered with Web3 APIs. They will be made available to any App building on the PrimeLab ecosystem. Empowering a suite of products with Embedded DeFi built into their foundations.